I have lived most of my life in south Louisiana. After graduating from Southeastern Louisiana  University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1998, I began a career in military and other government service.  In 2012 I became interested in photography with the purchase of a Canon Rebel T3i.  Since then I have purchased many new lenses, taken several online photography courses and read countless books.  I continue to grow and expand my capabilities and talents as a photographer. Most weekends I can be found in the forest and swamps of Louisiana looking for new photographic opportunities. 

My work was recently featured at the St. Tammany Parish Hospital Foundation Healing Arts Rotating Gallery .  One of my images from Fontainebleau State Park was published under the title "these 13 mind-Blowing Sceneries totally define Louisiana"  on the website Only in Louisiana.  I received an "editor's pick" for my photograph submitted to the National Geographic  Magazine's 2016 Photo Contest.

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